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Me, my family, my friends

Need a DNA Scanner, DNA constructor, powerful computer, a lot of material and somebody, who has genetics education

Yesterday night my grandma has passed away.
She was the best in this world.
Please, understand this right: this world is amazing place, and most of these people are really good. And in this good place and good people SHE WAS THE BEST.

So, I strongly disagree with current situation. Don’t tell me, this is natural. A nature has made us with an ability to change a nature itself, that is why it is natural to change natural things.

If everything is just in amount of DNA replication errors, and Hayflick limit just protect the organisms from turning into big cancer tumor, then we need another way to avoid these errors.

Let’s say, we use hash function with the check-sums to check the data integrity, when copying the files. Why we cannot use the same or kind of algorithm for our cells?

Let’s create a fucking virus, which assembles based on our DNA sequence. I short protein sequence – much shorter, than DNA itself. Then, after cell division let a new one survive only if they both have the same identical virus copy, and kill it, if not.

This mechanism may work as our biological data integrity check with not too much energy cost.

So, I need a DNA Scanner, DNA constructor, powerful computer, a lot of material and somebody, who has genetics education. And I miss my grandma.

Another gar (bigger)

20141007_10055728 3/4 inches (73 cm)

The same pond, and I have seen, there are still lots of them.

Actually, this is not exactly a “щука” (schuka) – this is a garpike - “панцирная щука“.
With heavy armor instead of skin. We had to use a metal cutters to cut it (native Caribbeans used a gar skin for breastplates). The feeling while cutting it is the same as cutting isinglass-stone.

It’s pretty tasty grilled on the pan as fish-in-chips. It’s meat is not like fish meat, more like turkey. This guys on Youtube said , it’s closer to the gator (I have never tried a gator, so I can just trust them).

OK. We’re in Florida now.

Yesterday the last two members of our family were landed in Tampa International Airport, FL. That was the end of a big family relocation from Eastern Oregon to Florida.

What it was:

  • the 4 day road trip across the US by the median
  • USPS and UPS shipping
  • reservation the flight and waiting for two my oldest daughters

I was going to write a lot about our 4 day trip, but… I want just relax now. Relax, lay in the ocean water, and so on.

So, what I was going to say – We live in Florida now.

And they provide the First Aid Training…


Two of my daughters are attending Riverside Junior/Senior High School (Boardman, Oregon).

It has own webpage, and even the short record on Wikipedia.

Today they called me and said, that my daughter Diana injured by broken glass, and it would be nice, if I can come over and take care of her.

OK, I was there in 10 minutes and found a very nice picture – crying baby is sitting with a bleeding wound on her foot in a company of three adult school employees around her, and no one did anything to help.

At least, to take a look at the wound!
At least, to give her a cut cleaner or an alcohol wipes to wipe the dirt off her feet!

They began to move only when I asked for that cut cleaner, and then for a tweezers to pull out a piece of glass out of her foot.

When I asked, why they didn’t do anything, they answered, that there is no nurse at school, and they cannot do anything. They usually call 911, if something happens.

OMG. And they provide the First Aid Training for the students…