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Something I’d like to say

Rebuilt everything.

sync_sqContinuing to play with Magic Mirror.

Rebuilt everything on VB.NET.

Main idea – to make normal Desktop application to synchronize the data.

Should work now. At least, in Local Network. Actually, should work in the Internet also. The question  is safe way to open the files for download. Probably, I need to think about something like server side for the Internet usage.

Download here >>

And they provide the First Aid Training…


Two of my daughters are attending Riverside Junior/Senior High School (Boardman, Oregon).

It has own webpage, and even the short record on Wikipedia.

Today they called me and said, that my daughter Diana injured by broken glass, and it would be nice, if I can come over and take care of her.

OK, I was there in 10 minutes and found a very nice picture – crying baby is sitting with a bleeding wound on her foot in a company of three adult school employees around her, and no one did anything to help.

At least, to take a look at the wound!
At least, to give her a cut cleaner or an alcohol wipes to wipe the dirt off her feet!

They began to move only when I asked for that cut cleaner, and then for a tweezers to pull out a piece of glass out of her foot.

When I asked, why they didn’t do anything, they answered, that there is no nurse at school, and they cannot do anything. They usually call 911, if something happens.

OMG. And they provide the First Aid Training for the students…