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How to play Dead Zed offline and full screen.

My favorite flash game is Dead Zed.

The problem with the flash games:

  1. You usually cannot play it in full screen or whatever you want resolution,
  2. You have to play it online.

OK. We can do some tricks to resolve that.

First of all, we’re going to steal the game. What about a copyright? Check the license, if exists. If not, google your game. For example, googling Dead Zed, you see something like this:


And no license info anywhere.

OK. How we can find and download the game? Check “page source” in your browser. You need to find and download “file_name.swf”. That’s the game you need (OK, you don’t need it, but you want… for some reason…).

Dead_Zed_SWFAfter downloading *.swf file, go to any .swf to .exe converter. Something like this >> and convert the file.

When you download .EXE file which is you lovely game now, you can do whatever you want as with the usual Windows Program:

  • add shortcut with the nice icon,
  • copy/paste it anywhere,
  • play it in full screen or any resolution you want.

To do the last one, you need click to the View on the Menu bar (OK, this is not “real” .exe, this is a Flash Player with the game built in it) and choose “Show All”.



And then choose “Full Screen” or just click-and-hold-and-drag right upper corner to adjust the game screen to the size you want:

Dead_Zed_ScreenKill the Zombiezzzz!!!!1111