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Smart TV from old monitor.

One day I’ve got an old broken monitor – Samsung SyncMaster 320′ mx. The problem – doesn’t work at all.

1. SyncMaster

Another brick in the wall

What is interesting about it? It has 3 USB, Network and VGA output.

It might be something interesting inside.

It might be something interesting inside.

Reading Samsung website, I found that this monitor has Windows XP Embedded inside with “Magic Info” app on it.

OK. Taking back cover off.

Looks, it has a computer inside!

Looks, it has a computer inside!

The capacitor on the Power Supply was bubbled. Yes, it would be much better to replace entire board, but it just too expensive for now. So, this time I just ordered new one capacitor from Amazon for $5.

4. SyncMaster_PS

I had to replace this bad guy. Electrolytic capacitors are so electrolytic…

OK. Then some more steps:

  1. Plug 4GB USB stick for the swap file, because internal SSD is just the same 4GB.
  2. Plug the keyboard and wireless mouse (the keyboard is actually not necessary).
  3. Add some RAM (2 GB against 512Mb it had before) and assign some of it to Video card.
  4. Install a new version of Windows XP using entire disk space (it was divided to 2 partitions, one for the system and one for the recovery).
Not bad computer, huh?

Not bad computer, huh?


  1. Install XBMC with XBMC Hub
  2. Add media directories from home NAS.
  3. Post the post to this blog.

6. SyncMaster_XBMC

So. Now I have a not bad 32′ HD Smart-TV.