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External Car Airbag (mostly for the pedestrians)

This is about active safety for robotic cars, mostly for pedestrians.
As we already have all the sensors for the robotic cars to recognize the obstacles on the road, and computer to create a model of road environment, we can add several features to this.
Let’s say, we have the sensors to monitor on front of the car continuously.


Then, if the sensors signal about something or somebody in front of the car, we can check, if car can stop before to hit the obstacle or a pedestrian.


If not, then navigation system activates an External Airbag.

Of course, we’re talking about inevitable clash. Navigation computer calculates the movement of the obstacle, car speed, road condition etc. to determine, if car can stop before clash or speed down to let a pedestrian to pass the car and to avoid an accident, because we don’t want to hit somebody by the Airbag with no reason.

But, if navigation computer calculates, that we will have an inevitable clash, then this External Airbag activates.


Of course, current cars’ airbags may be not useful for this situation hitting too heavy. But they may be modified to multilayer and multisectional /multicellular. Each section from the beginning has lower pressure in it to have the very low on the outer section. This Airbag have to gently encircle the pedestrian without causing damage and knocking it to the side.