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Script to change OEM info and backgrounds.

oemlogoLast week I built some (a lot of) computers from garbage for good guy Nick Macdowell. He runs a Computer shop and actually provides pretty good service.

Then we had an idea to customize the OEM info and Desktop Wallpapers to advertise the shop.

OK, I know, normal people do it BEFORE the system installation. There’s the $OEM$ folder for this. But, we’re not talking about normal people here. I do it hard way.

So, I created a script to make the process a little easier, than making changes by my hands.

What it does:

  • adds OEM info (manufacturer, computer model, website, phone, logo) to Windows Control Panel / System tab
  • changes logon background
  • changes desktop background

How to use:

  • copy script folder to the computer, open it, and run “RUNME.bat” (don’t run from Network location, because of missing images copying)
  • you will need to restart computer to apply settings

How to change info and images to yours:

  • open “reg_vista_Win7.reg” and “oeminfo.ini” in Notepad and type your OEM information
  • replace “oemlogo.bmp”, “Background.bmp”, “backgroundDefault.jpg” with your files (make sure “backgroundDefault.jpg” is not larger than 256KB)

OS version supported:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7